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Can I adopt?

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The short answer is ‘maybe’.

There are different types of adoption. You can adopt a baby, using an adoption agency or through a private placement. You can adopt an older child, again through an adoption agency or through a private placement. Some times, that private placement might be from a family member or a friend. Or you can adopt your step-child. This is the ultimate in private placement.  There are some situations where you can even adopt an adult.

Generally, any adoption will mean that you are subject to a visit by social services to evaluate your home and family dynamics. This is not meant as a mere hindrance to you, this is for the protection of the child. Remember that the best interests of the child come first!

Even though a step-parent adoption may seem easier, it still entails the biological parent giving up his or her rights to the child. This can sometimes be a very emotional time for parents. Even a father who has never set eyes on his child, and has never shown any interest in paying support or being a part of the child’s life may balk at giving up his parental rights.

Do you need an attorney? I don’t know of any law that requires someone to use an attorney. However, anyone who decides to proceed ‘pro se’ (which is a confusing term to mean that you do it yourself), will still be held to the same standard as an attorney. So it is often even cheaper to get an attorney at the beginning and do it right the first time.

And one very important thing to remember is that children are not for sale! This means that you must be very careful about what payments you make on behalf of the biological parents, or payments made directly to the biological parents.

My suggestion is that if you are considering an adoption of any kind, call your attorney and at least get some initial background information before you proceed. It can save you a bundle in the end!

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What’s in a name?

Monday, January 8th, 2018

I have a name. Actually, I have lots of names. Kristina Beavers, Mom, Grandma Kris, and maybe some I don’t even know about. I’ve also had a last name when I was a child, and different last names when I was married to prior husbands.

A name is how people identify you. And it’s also how you often identify yourself.

So, what do you name your child when he or she is born? We all struggle over the first and possibly middle names, but did you know that you can also select a last name? And, no, that last name doesn’t need to be the same as the father, or the mother. What this means is that Susie Baker, who is married to Tom Taylor can have a child and name her Jane Smith. (note that these names are as samples only and not an indication of any real persons).

Is this a good idea? I don’t really think so. For one thing, people may assume that you and the child have the same last name. That can make things very confusing when meeting people from your child’s school. That can also cause problems when you sign permission slips for school trips or when you take your children on trips yourself.

I’ve even had clients that gave their children a last name that didn’t match the last name of either parent.  That was a little confusing.

So when you have a child and are thinking of a name, be sure to think about how that name might cause problems for you and the child throughout the child’s life.

And if you happen to have a name that you don’t like, you can usually get that name changed legally, but there are some steps that need to be followed.

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