Do I really need an attorney?

The short answer is ‘no’. I am not aware of any law that requires you to use an attorney.

HOWEVER, (and this is a big however. That’s why it is in all CAPS) even if you aren’t required to have an attorney, you will be held to the same standards as an attorney. That means that you will be expected to follow all of the same rules that an attorney would need to follow. You will be expected to file the same papers in the same order as an attorney. And you will be expected to address the court in the same manner as an attorney.

Here is a true story that I’ll tell as an example.

I once had a leak (just a small drip actually) in the outside water pipe at my house. We decided that it would be too expensive to hire a plumber to fix it, so we decided to do it ourselves. How tough could it be? So we got a big wrench and started to undo the faucet that was attached to the pipe. It was hard to turn! So we tried harder. And then the pipe cracked! and not right at the end. No, the pipe cracked just under the ground. We had water everywhere! And we ended up having to turn all of the water off to the house. And of course it was evening, so we couldn’t even get anyone to come out until the next day. And of course the next day was a Sunday.

We ended up paying a plumber to come out on an emergency basis (double time) and on a Sunday (triple time, although since it was an emergency we were already going to be paying double time). And we ended up paying to have the entire pipe replaced including under the ground, which meant that my plants had to be displaced (and yes, they all died).

And we spent the night in the house with no running water.

The moral of this story?

It ended up costing me a lot more than it would have cost if I had just called the plumber in the first place!

Now, I really look at any leak to decide if I really, REALLY know I can do it myself. And if there is any question, I call a plumber.

And I go through the same thought process when it comes to hiring an attorney.

‘Do it yourself’ does not always save you money!

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