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Can I win if the traffic ticket has a mistake?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

I had a recent potential client ask if he could win in court because the police officer wrote down the wrong date of birth on his traffic ticket.

In this particular case, the officer wrote ’21’ instead of ’12’ as the day in the date of birth.  This was probably just a simple case of mixing up the digits.  It doesn’t really alter the age of the person unless the person had an important birthday that would change his status as a driver.  In this case, the person was 35 years old, so it really didn’t have any legal importance.

If you think that a mistake on a traffic ticket might be a way to win in court, you should contact an attorney who can evaluate the mistake and give you an opinion of the importance of that mistake.

But, I wouldn’t count on that printing mistake being sufficient to have the court find you not guilty for driving 85 in a 45 zone.

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