Nursing Home Notes — Be An Active Participant

It is always tough to make the decision that a loved one should move to a nursing home.  Most of the time, it is because we just can’t take care of them sufficiently in our own homes and this is the best choice for the safety of everyone.

When a loved one goes into a nursing home, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure they will get the best care possible.

This list assumes that you have already done the proper research to find the best facility that fits your needs.

1.  Visit often. How often to visit?  my suggestion is at least once per day.  Your loved one will appreciate the visits and the staff will understand that you care.

2.  Visit at different times.  If the staff knows you will always be there are 1:00 pm, it is likely that your loved one will be cared for shortly before 1:00 pm.  But if you show up at different times, they won’t know when to be ‘prepared’ for your visit.

3.  Get to know the staff.  These are the people who are taking care of your loved one.  Get to know their names and their role in your loved one’s care.  By visiting at different times, you can get to know the staff on all of the shifts.  Make a point of saying ‘hi’ when you are visiting.  It’s just human nature that people respond to those who show an interest in them.

4.  Know the names of all of your loved one’s doctors and what they do.  If a new doctor is being added to the mix, make a point of visiting while the doctor is there so you can meet him/her.

5.  Know what medications your loved one is taking, and why.  When a new medication is prescribed, you can ask about whether there will be a bad interaction with an existing medication.  Keeping up with the medications will also help you know more about your loved one’s conditions.

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