Should I fight my traffic ticket?

Virginia is tough on drivers who speed.

I’ve talked before about Reckless Driving, which is really so much more than just a speeding ticket.

But what about your ‘garden variety’ speeding ticket that doesn’t rise to the level of Reckless Driving?  Most of these tickets can be paid online through the court website and you don’t need to show up at all.  But is it a good idea to just pay the ticket?

That’s really a personal decision.  The ticket itself may not cost much.  and I’ve had client’s tell me that they really don’t want to spend the money for an attorney to go to court to fight the ticket.  I can understand that.

But you also need to consider the increased cost of your insurance.  I had a client who got 2 speeding tickets within 3 months and his insurance bill went from $250 every 6 months to over $600 every 6 months.  That $700 a year in increased insurance cost would have paid for an attorney in just one year.  (and his increased insurance rate will go on for much longer than one year).

Something to think about.

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