Things are changing.

I love the start of a new school year!

When I was growing up, the start of a new school year was when things changed. I got a new teacher, got new clothes, got new school supplies, moved into a new grade and often found new friends.

That’s why I suggest this time of year to review your estate planning needs.

If you already have an estate plan (with the appropriate medical directives, powers of attorney, will and perhaps a trust), this is the time when you should take a few minutes and think about what changes have occurred since you last considered the plan.

Do you have a new spouse? (or are you now unmarried?) Do you have new children/grandchildren? Have your children left the home for lives of their own? Have you purchased a new home? Have you moved to another locality? Have you purchased or sold any items that should be considered in your gifting scheme? Have you changed jobs?

If any of these have occurred, you should consider a review of your estate plan.

Also, even if none of these changes have occurred, you should consider a review of your plan if it has been at least 3 years since your plan was established. Why? Because laws change and you want to make sure that your plan is taking advantage of the newest legal rules.

At Kristina Beavers, Attorney at Law, we will be happy to review your existing estate plan to make sure it fits your needs today. Call us today at 757-234-4650 to schedule this review!

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